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All a dream

by nyxy nyx

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drugs 03:28
I love drugs as fleeting as it is, I seek the bliss getting high is my one true love drugs, come give me a kiss a kiss of death me and my oblivion oh, drugs I love drugs a temporary fix, I seek the bliss getting high is my one true love drugs
hold me, I'm shaking hold me near, don't leave me alone hold me and stay and the night spreads over me again and I'm shaking hold me, look deep into my eyes don't look away hold me near and tell me it's okay hold me, I'm shaking hold me, I'm shaking when I die, put me in a grave marked: "Brian Paid." until then just hold me while I shake hold me, I'm shaking hold me, I'm shaking hold me and stay.
untamed hair 03:09
I rode a wave of untamed hair right into the sand maybe it was only just a dream in a fever, 103 degrees I feel quite insane climb wild waves of untamed hair straight into the sun but I'm only scum skimmed off the pan thrown carelessly into the trash I will never reach her wild waves of untamed hair climb wild waves of untamed hair headlong into harm soon you'll catch me nodding and I'll carve bloody tracks into my arms I will never reach her wild waves of untamed hair wild waves of untamed hair in a mess of untamed hair
Lydia 03:57
Lydia, few reach through the way that you do, and I want you to know that Lydia, the moon was smiling on you tonight, and I was smiling about that In a dream I know you well and I'm under a spell and I'm smiling about that now I say, Lydia, goddamn, I'm all fucked up, Lydia I'm insane, I might even stoned, I'll just hide on a cloud now Lydia, I must be tired, there's no good explanation, I'm just lost in a dream Lydia, now I say, Lydia, goddamn, I'm all fucked up, Lydia.
In dreams my whole world feels good ain't that somethin' ? My reality should feel as good, it should I'd paint a pretty scene for you, why won't I paint pretty scenes for me? maybe I should - that could feel good A smile on my face - that could feel good I'll cast out my demons and the grim reaper can go kick rocks by the train tracks, yeah, he should that could feel good A smile on my face - that could feel good A positive thought loop - that could feel good Dip my feet in a Lake of Fire - that could feel good
Who wrote the manual "How to Disappear" ? If I meet her, we'll be shaking hands and I'll never see her again. How? She's turning to vapor now, in mist I see her float away "How to Disappear, Never to Return Again" How?
bein' alone 03:48
distance is my closest friend I'm gonna keep it between me and everyone I know the urge to be alone is truly overpowering the overwhelming majority of my time. distance and a foil cap accompany me day to day let me space out, let me be alone let me zone, let me be alone bein' alone bein' alone put me on the spectrum, friend give me somethin' shiny please collecting red and yellow leaves and breathing through my sleeves bein' alone bein' alone
I'm not dead yet I'm just dying to run away from me miss the rooftops, mountain peaks, places I felt high times I felt high I'm not dead yet a Holy Roller told me, "hold it together, there's pleasure for you yet." all my demons, they're deceiving and this valley is quite low I dream of times I felt high I'm not dead yet
afraid 03:37
I'm afraid when I wake up I'm afraid the floor is lava, world - quicksand life so fragile turns to dust in my hands I'm afraid I'm afraid when I see you I'm afraid you'll tear the soul right out of me burn my spirit, scorch the earth beneath me I'm afraid I'm afraid when I wake up I'm afraid on my shoulder night and day things I fear, I'm just so scared, I'm afraid.
carry pain 04:18


"Awoke from a short end of a long dream in a place in which a bus aisle transitioned into apartments separated by a hallway, then culminated in the last minute of footage as a small neighborhood road without lanes dividing ranch apartments in the nook of a vast low swell hilled treeless area of fine green grass. Not likely naturebood, namely naburehood. The cross neighbors roommates friends were partying, but it was only made to be overly apparently public when she left. She was going off to a job of stature, some board member. I was collecting odds and ends scattered in the hedge cutout just in front of the porch which was only a few feet from the lane. "what are you doing here?" Someone was next to me, and helped explain. I got up and saw people inside standing around drinking playing music, before the door closed. When I walked down the lane a few doors on the same side, another apartment opened and people began to move themselves over to the party happening there from where it was choreographed to get louder and more in your face when the lady left for work. The dream ended on commentary in the middle of the road, as I headed out of the neighborhood, towards the city. "There's reports that can show more success of non musicians who employ techniques of strategy for building up a techno based album, without any basic knowledge of it, to begin with, that are rivaling established and more tenured "real" musicians. It ended abruptly on a close up screen view of Todd Rundgrens latest album's featured song, as a key example; suggesting that he had conditioned the audience to go full-weird in his late career, which, isn't really weird at all, its just musical techniques that most people can pull off with some understanding. Ofcourse, it sounds weird. All composed of even spaced tempos comprising a rhythm of collected samples of other musicians of the same melody, played with a rising waver on the end from a keyboard's slider button. wahrwouwing!, at the end of each. The last part was a different cluster of same song endings over pop rock history, ending with a keyboard finger press at three octaves higher in the major scale. The Todd Rundgren ending of the dream was irritating and that's what woke me up." - HK


released September 4, 2020

all songs by nyxy nyx
brian reichert
ben schurr
maura pond
levi christian flack
dan angel
josh meakim
cover photo by Diane - polaroid exhibition at Index Art gallery in Newark NJ


all rights reserved



nyxy nyx Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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